Dudutki — Ethnographic estate


Dudutki is a unique open-air museum complex located 40 km away from Minsk city, Belarus. Placed on the river Ptitch, the complex occupies an area of 160 hectares. For about 130 years the mansion was owned by the heirs of Stanislaw Yelski. He was the one who invited German craftsmen to his mansion to teach their crafts to the local youth. That was how local handicraft traditions were born.

Map of dudutkiMap of dudutki

As of today, Dudutki is but the most renowned museum of Belarus Republic. It has been attracting visitors, both from Belarus and from abroad, for 18 years. Here you can take a look at a nineteenth century szlachta mansion, get an insight into the country’s history and unravel the mysteries of ancient crafts. The museum presents a stunning reconstruction of traditional Belorussian village environment. It features an old-style bakery where you can bake your signature cottage loaf with your own hands, and an old pottery workshop where you can make your own piece of potteryware and take it home. Also, you can assume the role of a blacksmith and/or a miller for a while.

Finally, you will enjoy the unforgettable flavor and taste of traditional Belorussian dishes and beverages. There will be an exclusive degustation menu presented in every building of the complex.

souvenirs's_shopSouvenirs’s shop

You can use different transfer options to get to Dudutki. From Airport Minsk-2, which is located 40 km away from Minsk, you should first get to Minsk and then travel another 40 km to get to Dudutki. Local taxi services are operational 24/7, so you can order a vehicle any time and get to the destination in due time.

forge's_workshopForge’s workshop

The museum shares information though interaction, not just through mere exhibiting and describing. This has proven to be a very effective method. Nowadays, lots of museums of France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Korea, Sweden, etc. use this method to get their citizens truly acquainted with their homeland’s history. If you would like to learn first-hand about this interactive method of introduction, join a tour and get ready to:

— Visit an old-style windmill;
— Visit a pottery workshop, watch a potter working and admire a unique potteryware collection;
— Visit an old nineteenth-century smithery and personally use blacksmith’s tools, blow bellows or forge a horseshoe;
— Visit a traditional joiner’s workshop;
— Visit a bakery, watch the process of baking and taste just-baked bread with fresh country-style butter, cheese and herbal tea;
— View a unique ethnography gallery featuring eighteenth- to twentieth century household items;
— Visit a barn with Orlov trotters, ponies and a donkey;

potter's_a_workshop Potter’s a workshop

Visit a room with the country’s only legalized old-style hootch still, degustate a home-brew with fresh cucumbers harvested in the mansion garden and buckwheat honey produced at the museum’s bee-farm.

Join the open-air Coopalskoye Costrische picnic and enjoy a brilliant menu that includes fresh vegetables, fisherman’s broth, smoked food, shashlik, sausages, pancakes, potato flapjacks, etc.

Traditional_wood's_churchTraditional wood’s church

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