Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh Castle

If you are setting out on a trip to Niasvizh, where the famous Niasvizh Castle (Radziwills’ Palace) is located, you should first get to Minsk City. Airport Minsk-2 is located about 45 km away from the city. Getting from the airport to Minsk City and from there to Niasvizh by an aid of local taxi services appears to be the most appropriate solution. It takes a 40-minute ride to cover the distance between the airport and the city and a 3-hour ride to get from Minsk City to Niasvizh. Choose your preferred taxi transfer option and admire the country’s nice-looking and tidy towns and cities and their beautiful surroundings!

The Radziwills’ Palace is the most attractive historic landmark of Belarus Republic. In 2005, the object joined the UNESCO World Heritage list, which was an extremely significant event in the cultural life of Belarus. The residence has witnessed the most significant historic happenings.

Nesvizh Castle. Palace-courtNiasvizh Castle. Palace-court

The Niasvizh Castle was founded by Radziwill Sirotka in 1583. Intended as a fortification object, it had a quadrangular structure and was surrounded by several earth banks featuring bastilles and towers. Because it was placed upon a peninsula and therefore surrounded by water, it posed great difficulties for potential enemies.

Eventually, in 1706, the Swedish destroyed the castle. It was rebuilt in 1726 and lost its military significance. Since then, baroque elements were added to its decor. The reconstruction was conducted by Michail Kazimir Rybonka, and thanks to his wife’s efforts, Niasvizh gained cultural significance in the 1700s. It was here that the famous «Comedyhouse» theater was founded, which soon gained fame outside the country.

On June 28, 1941, the castle was occupied by Heinz Guderian’s armor group and he used it as a headquarters. Most likely, that was why it survived the war so well. Throughout the Soviet times, the palace was used a sanatorium and it changed hands several times.

In 2002, the residence was severely damaged by fire. The reconstruction was finished in 2012. Archaeological excavations are still under way. Although they are now far from complete, fortified constructions can already be observed near the front side of the complex. Not infrequently, they are mistaken for the famous Radziwill’s vaults. However, archaeologists say that these make up but a tiny part of what is still buried under the castle’s foundation and lots of old underground routes are yet to be discovered and explored. It is not unlikely that these underground objects will soon become tourist objects.

Nesvizhski castle inside Niasvizh castle inside

Today, the Radziwills’ Palace is a major tourist destination featuring unique architectural elements as well as numerous vaults and dungeons. This has resulted in an inflow of foreign tourists growing dramatically and the museum administration being compelled to take steps to limit excursions because they said it was posing a danger to the building and the exhibits. Officials from the Ministry of Sports and Culture of Belarus are now taking steps to redistribute tourist routes around the complex and relieve the museum administration of the necessity of reducing tourist flows.

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