PRICES FOR 2017 (All inclusive / Fixed price)
Taxi transfers to or from MINSK (or from the airport Minsk-2 in recalculation)

Transfers to or from MINSKMonday to Friday (€0.6 per 1 km)Holidays, Weekend and Nights (€0.8 per 1 km)Return — €0.4 per 1 km

Holidays — €0.5 per 1 km
International Airport Minsk€32€35book online
Gomel — 320 km€192€256book online
Grodno — 285 km€171€228book online
Mogilev — 205 km€123€164book online
Vitebsk — 305 km€183€244book online
Brest — 360 km€216€288book online
Mir Castle Complex
(220 km, 2-hour waiting period)
€118€140book online


Mir Castle Complex + Niasvizh Castle of the Radziwiłł family €150


        you save from €50 (distance 275 km, 6-hour waiting period)



The excursion tour includes the most outstanding and precious historical sites in Belarus, such as the castle in Mir town and the palace with a garden in Nesvizh. Both castles are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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