The Mirsky Castle Complex

The Mirsky Castle Complex

If once you are in Belarus, you should visit such a unique place as the Mirsky Castle Complex. Today it is one of the most famous and interesting tourist attractions in the country, though earlier it was the mansion of rich dukes, who handed it down from one generation to another. According to the historical documents during the wars the Mirsky Castle Complex became a defense construction where stayed not just local citizens, but also the military post. Since that times a lot has changed and now this place is opened for tourists visits. Today it is possible to stay in the hotel of the Mirsky Castle Complex, visit the restaurant and enjoy the national dishes, meet partners in the conference hall, which holds a large amount of people and owns all the comfortable conditions for it, or just get acquainted with the history of the place and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient times.

Reconstruction of Mir Castle ComplexReconstruction of Mir Castle Complex

Lovers of architecture will admire and appreciate the history of architecture in the Mirsky Castle Complex. With time this construction was decorated in Gothic, Renaissance and Italian styles. The Mirsky Castle Complex is located not for away from Minsk. If you book a taxi services, it will take you just about 2 hours to get from Minsk to the Mirsky Castle Complex, as the distance between these two residential areas is about 90 km.

In case you stayed in the place not far away from the speedway M1 Minsk-Brest, using our transfer to Minsk you will be able to get to the Mirsky Castle Complex and back just in 30 minutes. For sure if you want to stay and visit the center of Minsk at first, you can book a hotel in Minsk and then go on a trip to the Mirsky Castle Complex. There is one more variant for staying in the country which can be offered to our guests, you can find and reserve any hotel in Navahrudak city.

The ceiling in the Mir Castle The ceiling in the Mir Castle

Navahrudak is located in 40 km from the Mirsky Castle Complex and in 162 km from Minsk. By the way, you can visit both cities by ordering our transportation services. Moreover, we are ready to meet you at the airport Minsk-2 and deliver to any destination. If you would like to travel all over the country, we can help you to make your trip a real pleasure. Together with us you can visit any historical place, monument and sight in any distant place of Belarus.

Having ordered a transfer to Belarus and back you can forget about any difficulties which usually wait travelers during their trips or problems with finding transport and staying in another cities. You will not be wasting your time anymore as we will do everything for you! Enjoy your comfortable traveling together with us!

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